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Opening The Senses of the Soul

Senses of the SoulHow deeply do you want to live your life?

Now more than ever we are being called to step up to heal our wounds and reclaim our authentic inner power in service to the planet. In this timely discourse, Samantha Orthlieb draws on over 15 years of clinical experience working of clinical experience working with thousands of clients to explain how returning to Mother Earth in the form of vibrational medicine can be one of our most valuable tools in this process.

Opening the Senses of the Soul allows us to:

Through exploration of the co-creative masculine and feminine, dominant archetypes, and the chakras, Samantha helps us to understand the underlying and symbolic meanings behind many common illnesses, and what the body is trying to tell us. Samantha instructs us on how we can use nature’s vibrational medicine to support us as we heal and open the senses of the soul to reconnect with our soul’s purpose.

Filled with practical tools, case studies, and remedy information, Opening the Senses of the Soul invites all of us to step into the healed, authentic, and meaningful lives that we are here to live. In doing so, we may be conscious co-creators of a sustainable and fulfilling future on this planet.

Samantha Orthlieb is a Master Herbalist, Vibrational Medicine practitioner and contemporary Medicine Woman. A graduate of Wild Rose College and the Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences, she has also trained with Pacific Essences, Wild Earth Animal Essences, and Star Flower & Gemstone Essences. In addition to running a natural health clinic and botanical sanctuary and farm, Samantha offers workshops and events to foster a greater awareness of healing consciousness and empowers individuals to uncover the healer within with the help of nature’s medicine.

Samantha’s book is available in softcover and ebook format.  Visit us in-store to purchase your copy of Opening the Senses of the Soul.  Or shop online.


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