What are the Senses of the Soul?

The Senses of the Soul are the gateway to our authentic self. Our darkness, our inner sparkle or light, our passion and our sense of empowerment and purpose all make up this inner sensory system. When we are out of touch with these senses, physical, mental, and emotional illness occurs.

Opening up and reconnecting to the Senses of the Soul allows us to:

In the new world that is awakening around us, reclaiming the Self is the only real form of power. Humanity is in the midst of a co-creative internal revolution towards our peaceful co-existence on the planet, and NOW is the time to wake up!

How do we open up and reconnect to the Senses of the Soul?


By identifying and understanding specific Archetypes that correlate to our Chakras we can learn to consciously recognize harmful patterns, outdated roles, beliefs and self-serving, fear-based behaviours that thwart personal evolution, dynamic health and our personal sense of wholeness. We can then harness the power of nature to support the shift of the negative aspects of these Archetypes to the positive Archetypes within ourselves. This vibrational (or energetic) shift will bridge us to higher consciousness, realign the Chakras, and reconnect us to the Senses of our Soul.

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