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As the construction and implementation of the Botanical Sanctuary has progressed the costs have escalated to the point that I need(s) help with the final stage of realizing my vision. The garden has grown beyond my original intention of a small teaching garden for herbal medicine, Psycho spiritual plant Medicine and natural farming, to an additional conservation focus in partnership with United Plant Savers for preserving and propagating endangered/at risk medicinal plants in North America.

The Senses of the Soul Botanical Sanctuary is the first of its kind in Alberta and there are only three others in Canada. The co-creative vision is not only to grow at risk plants but to also educate about those that are endangered, and encourage people to plant them in their gardens for harvesting their own medicine versus wild harvesting, and to discourage illegal harvesting. There are many ideas for implementing and a group of dedicated volunteers is finalizing the complete medicinal plant conservation plan with me within the next year.

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