Applied Kinesiology

As discussed in my book, Applied Kinesiology or muscle testing is an extremely powerful tool for getting past the mind and tapping into our subconscious self.  Applied Kinesiology is also a useful tool to communicate with our inner healer and intuition.  This technique taps directly into a person’s innate wisdom and ability to heal her or himself without the interference of that person’s ego; as a practitioner, it helps me to tap into the same instinctual drive for balance and health in an individual that is so perfectly embodied by Mother Nature. You can use this same technique on yourself as a way to divine the needs of your body, soul, mind, and spirit as you heal.  More specifically you can use this testing to help you test products, food allergies and sensitivities and to ask yes and no questions.

Muscle Testing 1 - Introduction to Kinesiology

Muscle Testing 2 - Testing With Products

Muscle Testing 3 - Finding Your Dominant Chakra


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