You have a choice of how you live your life. Will you choose to live one that flows with ease and grace and in synchronicity with Divine will? Or will you struggle against it?

In my early twenties, I chose to struggle. I had become a master at tuning out the voice of my soul, but it was not so easy to tune out the excruciating pain I was experiencing in my body.

We all have our own trajectory for healing, and for me this process was instigated in my mid-twenties when I developed endometriosis.

My dedication to my own healing journey, participating in my own healing work, and coming to understand the symbolic or archetypal significance of common illnesses is what enables me to show up for my clients and help them on their own journeys and is what inspired me to create the Delving Deeply Workshop, and now the FREE video workshop.

Samantha OrthliebTrained as a Master Herbalist and Vibrational medicine practitioner, I have over a decade of clinical experience working with thousands of clients and know that returning to Mother Earth in the form of plant medicine can be one of our most valuable tools in our healing process.

As an empath, intuitive and clairsentient, I related to plants in a way that went beyond strictly botanical and biochemical approach that was taught in natural health schools. I picked up on the plant wisdom or energetic healing properties of plants.

I learned that we can connect with plants anywhere and at any time and was awed by the healing wisdom of nature and how it can help us heal into wholeness and authenticity.

In using earth’s medicine we can connect back to our authentic self with the inherent healing ability of nature.

My Delving Deeply Workshop will help you recognize that your health is a journey that is intricately intertwined with your life!

What exactly does “Delving Deeply” mean?

“Delving Deeply” means to bravely dig into our personal life story because it defines our health and wellness. Healing is a multi-layered process; we must start at the outer layer and peel our way through one layer at a time. The deeper we go the more healing occurs in our mind, body, soul and spirit. When we hit the depths of despair, either as a result of our physical, mental or emotional states, beginning this process is the only option that brings true healing. We begin a deep journey of awakening; it is a point where we become willing to explore our shadow side and belief system, trek the unpalatable places of the subconscious, and heal the dis-eased parts of the cellular body.

What is the Delving Deeply Workshop?

Senses of the Soul bookDrawing on concepts from my book, Opening the Senses of the Soul, I demonstrate in the workshop that if we are to "walk our talk" and embody true healing, we must acknowledge our wounding and delve deeply into our shadow self to bring light to the soul and illuminate our wholeness.

There are three parts to the video workshop:

1. How We Have Lost Our Health
2. The 5 Cornerstones of Dynamic Health & Wellness
3. How Can Nature’s Vibrational Medicine Help Us?

I also provide an introduction about the vibrational field around your body and chakras, and how to use nature’s vibrational medicine to support your healing journey.

Through discussion, muscle testing, exploration of the co-creative masculine/feminine and working with chakra archetypes and nature’s archetypal vibrational medicine, you learn how archetypal energies can help you gain a deeper understanding of your life’s journey so you may live a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Here are a few of the insights you can expect:

Sending you abundant love, healing and light!

What people have to say about the Delving Deeply Workshop:

“This was a great opportunity to learn more about myself and what needs more work. I also felt more able to connect to myself, my energy and the energy of others which was empowering. It was a great day! Looking forward to the next seminar.”

“Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. It’s been a beautiful day learning more about myself. I am so glad that my instincts led me to you and added another layer of discovery. These are becoming some of my favorite moments. Thank you so very much.”

“I appreciated your honesty and felt comfortable with the material discussed. This was a great way to put into practice the concepts in your book. Thank you for helping me begin (my healing) journey!”

“Today’s workshop created a much better understanding of the archetypes and how the healing process works. It helped me to understand why and how to continue on this path. It was a very positive experience. The muscle testing work gave me great tools to use directly in my life, so I can continue to help myself, and allowing me to help others in my life. Thank you so much. The journey continues.”


Q: I haven’t read Sam’s book, Opening the Senses of the Soul - is that okay?
A: Absolutely! Opening the Senses of the Soul is not required reading for the workshop, but it is encouraged as it will help deepen your understanding of the concepts taught in the video workshop.

Q: Who will benefit from this on-line course?
A: This online workshop will truly benefit anyone looking to deepen their understanding of nature’s vibrational medicine to support their healing journey. Health practitioners including Naturopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists, energy workers, psychologist and anyone else who works with the psychological aspects of health & wellness will also benefit greatly.

Q: I have participated already in the live workshop, will the video version offer any value?
A: We think so! What’s great about the video version is that you may revisit, on your own time, any concepts or teachings that may require a deeper understanding.

Q: What is muscle testing?
A: Click here for a Youtube video on how to muscle test and what it is:

Q: What are archetypes?
A: Archetypes are universal projections or mirrors of all emotional qualities which come from the core of human experience – strength and weakness; love and hate; courage and fear; darkness and light. They are invisible patterns built into the collective unconsciousness and ingrained in the human psyche: they manifest in the individual experience and in the collective psyche.1 Read more here.

Q: What is vibrational medicine?
A: Everything is energy, and the vibrational field is the dynamic and interconnected system that contains and directs energy in all of its forms. It exists on the individual level and at a universal level, a system (or many systems) within a system. Read more here.

Q: What are chakras?
A: Contained within our own energy or vibrational field is our aura and thousands of chakras or energy centres. There are seven main chakras in the body, each represented by a colour of the rainbow. When balanced, our chakras bring us health, love, personal empowerment, and connection to the earth and the universe. They process vibrations between the outer world and the physical body and soul, transmitting healing energy and spiritual information to us. When they are blocked or distorted (usually as a result of repressed emotions, limiting beliefs, generational patterns and other influences that interrupt our connection to our true selves), we often experience physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual illness. Read more here.

Q: What is the Belief Repatterning card?
A: Use this Card to muscle test for beliefs and subconscious patterns that are affecting your path to dynamic health and wellness. The card contains test phrases for muscle testing: Use the test phrases to determine the positive archetypal belief or beliefs in each chakra that need healing. View it here.

Q: I don’t have a Kindle or iPad, can I still read the eBook version of "Opening the Senses of the Soul?
A: Yes, you can download the .epub version, and a free program to read it. (Senses of the Soul does not accept any responsibility for third party program downloads).