What are Chakras?

Contained within our own energy or vibrational field is our aura and thousands of chakras or energy centres.

There are seven main chakras in the body, each represented by a colour of the rainbow. When balanced, our chakras bring us health, love, personal empowerment, and connection to the earth and the universe. They process vibrations between the outer world and the physical body and soul, transmitting healing energy and spiritual information to us. When they are blocked or distorted (usually as a result of repressed emotions, limiting beliefs, generational patterns and other influences that interrupt our connection to our true selves), we often experience physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual illness.

Each chakra correlates to a set of emotions and health issues. Vibrational medicine, such as plant energy, can unblock a chakra by interrupting destructive feedback loops and clearing the vibrational pattern that is causing discord in the body. In doing so it harmonizes the energy of that chakra and alters our perception of reality and what we attract into our lives.

(from Senses of the Soul: Healing into Wholeness with Nature’s Vibrational Medicine, 2011)

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