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“Reading Opening the Senses of the Soul helped open up my eyes and my understanding to a deeper perspective of the human experience.  Being able to truly make a connection between mind, body and soul and how one is not affected without the other being impacted continues to fascinate me.  Samantha was able to deliver such complex concepts in a simplified format so that the regular reader can easily delve into a rich pool of knowledge that would normally only have been accessible to highly educated individuals with etheric backgrounds. Learning about dominant chakras and the associated archetypes brought about such insight regarding our own personal ascension and all components attached to this process.

Opening the Senses of the Soul brings up the foundations of herbology, invites us to reconnecting with a lost art of plants and their medicinal value.  It is such a privilege to rediscover our ancestor's wisdom and feel empowered to take control of our own health.  Being a victim of illness can be a thing of the past.

Opening the Senses of the Soul is an absolute delight to read.  The inspired knowledge being passed on to anyone with an open heart is priceless.  I look forward to reading it a second time, anticipating the boundless learning that is still awaiting me.  Samantha was truly able to tap into the Infinite Wisdom within her to be able to write such a treasure.  Her example can inspire us all to believe that we all hold this same wisdom within ourselves.  I look forward to more of her writings in the future.”

- C. L., Calgary, AB

“I enjoyed Samantha’s book as it is a good combination of setting the context for interpreting what is taking place on a global energetic/spiritual perspective balanced with what that means for the individual.  The book provides a framework to use in addressing the issues and opportunities we all have to move through combined with our own lessons which allow each of us to contribute more positively to collective human evolution.  I especially like being able to pull out specific sections to refresh my thoughts.”

- D. K., Toronto, ON

“I have been on my healing journey with Samantha for just over a year now and I was thrilled to be able to purchase a copy of Opening the Senses of the Soul.   I had my appointment with her on a Friday just after the first release of the book and I couldn't wait to go home and read it.  I loved reading about other anonymous individuals life experiences with Samantha, learning the Chakras, and what different aliments mean in context of mind/body connection.  It all made sense.  I keep my well-loved book beside my bed.  When I open it I find treasures that jump out at me, continue to learn different things and sometimes discover inspirations.  I highly recommend this book and have given a couple of copies as gifts.  This book is truly a gift on in its own and Thank you Samantha for it!”

-J.J, Calgary, AB

“I was given your book last December to read over vacation, didnt read much, recently picked it up again and CANNOT put it down. I relate to so much of it...thank you for sharing and I can't wait to complete it and have it with me through my journey ♥ Thank you, Samantha Orthlieb!!!” 

-A.R., Calgary, AB

“I am reading Samantha’s book “Opening the Senses of the Soul” and I am amazed and delighted by her deep knowledge and the clarity with which she has integrated understanding of the body with emotional and spiritual reality. Highly recommended for all who want to know themselves better in all dimensions.”

-C.I., Calgary, AB

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