What are Archetypes?

Knowing which archetype is dominant in your life provides key insight into the lessons you are here to learn. Understanding which archetype you are working with can be a roadmap to consciously healing the self; there is almost always a connection between one’s archetypal patterns and the underlying cause of one’s illness or symptoms.

Archetypes are universal projections or mirrors of all emotional qualities which come from the core of human experience – strength and weakness; love and hate; courage and fear; darkness and light. They are invisible patterns built into the collective unconsciousness and ingrained in the human psyche: they manifest in the individual experience and in the collective psyche.1 We commonly see archetypes, such as the Beautiful Princess, The Wicked Witch, The Knight in Shining Armour, and The Good King, depicted in movies and pop culture. Carl Jung posited that archetypes manifest as inherent patterns and perceptions to help humans derive meaning from their experiences.

The archetypes that are most prominent in our life are said to be our karmic archetypes, the shadow manifestations of which represent the main life lessons that we are here to learn.2 When we understand our life lessons, we can make sense of the events that unfold in our lives and better understand our soulful and spiritual purpose.

(from Opening the Senses of the Soul: Healing Into Wholeness with Nature’s Vibrational Medicine, 2011)